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Nahling means 'Monkey Face'. This is a common term used for cheeky children that lived in the Lopburi area. Lopburi is situated approximately 95 miles north of Bangkok and is commonly know as 'monkey town'. In this town monkeys are worshipped and they have their own designated festival once a year, where all the monkeys are dressed up in clothes and treated regally with their own buffet of Thai specialities to eat.


Lopburi used to be known as 'Lawoa', which is an old traditional Thai name. Our style of cooking reflects some of the traditional old style Thai recipes, cooked in a more contemporary way.


We hope you enjoy our coconut curries and varied stir fry dishes. Some may be too spicy, so if you prefer some dishes in a slightly different style, please do not hesitate to ask and we will do our best to please.


We hope you enjoy your 'Nahling' experience.

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